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The complete range of Lubrication solutions to cater every industry

  • Compressor Oils

    Altrol CompriMAX Series

  • Cutting Oils - Fully Synthetic

    Altrol SuperCut Series

  • Cutting Oils - Semi Synthetic

    Altrol CutSynth Series

  • Cutting Oils - Soluble

    ALtrol CutMAX Series, Altrol CutPLUS Series

  • Cutting Oils - Straight

    Altrol NeatMAX Series

  • Gear Oils

    Altrol GearMAX Series

  • General Purpose Machin Oils

    Altrol Machinol Series

  • Hydraulic Oils

    Altrol HydroMAX / HydroPLUS / Hydrola Series

  • Printing Machine Oil

    Altrol PrintMAX Series

  • Refrigeration Oils

    Altrol FreezeMAX Series

  • Rust Preventives

    Altrol RustNOT Series

  • Spindle Oils

    Altrol Spindola Series

  • Synthetic Grinding Fluids

    Altrol SuperGrind Series

  • Thermic Fluids & Heat Transfer Oils

    Altrol Thermax Series

  • Turbine Oils

    Altrol TurboMAX Series

  • Vacuum OIls

    Altrol VM Series

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