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We Specialize in Premium Lubrication Solutions

Altrol Petrochem Private Limited (Altrol)  is a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium quality lubricating oils, metal working fluids, greases and other petro-specialty products. Over the decades we have developed more than 400 varieties of lubricants which find applications across industrial, automotive and marine sectors. 

We at Altrol , owe our success to our customers for the outgoing and spontaneous support they have shown us for decades. And it is our endeavor to respect their trust by providing stellar quality based Lubricants engineered with the best technology


Robust Research 
& Development


Stringent Quality Control



Customer Focus


Global Brand

 Exports to over 12+ Countries

Altrol's wide array of premium products include:

Industrial Oils & Specialties

Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oil. Compressor Oils, Slideway Oils, Chain Lubricants, Refrigeration Oils, Thermic Fluids, Heat Transfer Oils, Spindle Oils, Loom Oils, Machine Oils, Turbine Oils, Flushing Oils, Vacuum Pump Oils etc


Multi Purpose Greases (MP Grease / AP Grease), High Temperature Greases, Extreme Pressure Greases, Bearing Greases, Moly Greases, Graphite Greases, Food Grade greases, Silicon Greases etc

Marine Grade Lubricants

Cylinder Oils, Marine Grade Engine Oils, Marine Grade Hydraulic Oils & Gear Oils

Metal Working Fluids

Soluble Cutting Oils, Semi Synthetic Cutting Oils, Rust Preventive Oils, Quenching Oils Edm Oils, Honing Oils, Lapping Oils, Straight Cutting Oils, Neat Cutting Oils, Broaching Oils, Deep Hole Drilling Oils, Punching Oils and Stamping Oils etc

Automotive Oils

Diesel Engine Oils, Passenger Car Motor OIls, 4T Bike Oils, Automotive Gear and Transmission Oils, Radiator Coolants, Brake Fluids etc


Lubrication Specialties

Synthetic Lubricants, Silicone Compounds, Anti-Seize compounds, Cleaners & degreasers,

Welcome to Altrol

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